German Shepherd Dog Types

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West German showlines German Shepherd and the Saddle Back German Shepherd are additional variations that we breed. All our shepherd breeds are imported from Germany, from the best bloodlines available, the best and top VA from the World Championships, also called BSZS , BUNDESSIEGER-ZUCHTSCHAU. This event is celebrated in Germany every year in between August and September, for 1 weekend and where all the best dogs in the world compete.

Many people wanted a more stable dog, with good drives to do some work and sport, but to also be part of a family at the end of the day, where he could share the home and protect the family and property, if need be.

West German Show Lines and Saddlebacks

These attractive and attentive dogs are often used as stable dogs due to their energy and strength. Bred for shows, they have well-balanced coloring and well-defined heads. Their other physical attributes include a specific number of teeth, color of eyes, and length of tail.

Czech German Shepherds

Bred over the years in the Czech Republic, these dogs are primarily used by the military and police to guard boundaries and assist with daily work. For many years, the government controlled most of their breeding. These dogs are bred for strength and endurance and their coloring is typically dark brown, sable, or black and sable.

DDR German Shepherds

DDR German Shepherds are bred more for their energy and strength rather than their physical appearance. In the past, Eastern Germany bred and employed these dogs, but many are now pets. These dogs are typically larger in size with coloring, which is typically sable, dark brown, and black. Several of them are also black and tan

The European German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog must be, in its essential image, well-balanced, firm in nerves, self-confident, absolutely calm and impartial, and (except in tempting situations) amiable. He must possess courage, willingness to fight, and hardness, in order to be suitable as companion, watchdog, protector, service dog, and guardian.

American German Shepherd

Originally from Germany, these dogs have been bred in America for about 100 years and have taken on their own characteristics. They typically have a larger snout with light cream and black coloring. After the popularity of international star, Rin Tin Tin, demand for these dogs grew and unfortunately resulted in poor breeding practices. Germany has stricter standards for breeding than the American Kennel Club. The AKC registers around seven million dogs annually, but if they held to German standards, these numbers would drop dramatically. Many German Shepherd breeders do x-rays of hips and elbows, however unsound dogs with hip, elbow, and temperament problems are still bred due to these genetics.

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